How to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning

How to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning, GPU fans; help cool your graphics card, but they may suddenly stop working, causing a panic. If you have just built a gaming PC and find that the fans on the new graphics card are not spinning, they are actually not damaged.

Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning

In most cases, simple solutions can solve minor problems with graphics card fans. Therefore, if your GPU fans are not spinning, there are some reasons and solutions to get them to run normally again.


In most cases, if there is an output display on your monitor, your GPU will only be idle. When idle, the graphics card uses passive cooling hardware (such as a heat sink) to prevent the core temperature from rising while performing basic tasks such as browsing the Web.

However, this does not mean that your fans are working. To check if they are working properly, you need to run a game or benchmark. What happens when you run GPU-intensive games, since the GPU core temperature will rise, the fan will start to run. If fans have not started running after playing for at least an hour, there is a problem.

If your graphics card is always in a passive cooling state, it is likely to throttle or even shut down. Therefore, if the fan does not accelerate under heavy load and high temperature, then please continue reading for more solutions, because this is definitely wrong!

Restart the computer

If you have ever mentioned technical issues, the answer you will hear is: “Have you tried turning it off and then on again?” Although it sounds stupid, it actually works 90% of the time.

When it comes to GPU, just turn off the computer and then turn it on again to solve your problem. We are serious, even if you spend a lot of money to play games on the best CPU, it may still malfunction because you forgot the time to restart your PC.

Therefore, please turn off the computer for at least one minute before turning on everything again, or just restart the computer to make sure that everything will work normally once it is restarted.

Install the driver

Before pulling out the GPU from the PC, you first need to make sure that the latest driver has been installed in the system. If they are not installed, you need to install them; if they are already installed, please reinstall them. This should ensure the smooth operation of all components including the fan.

Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning

Try another graphics card

If there is another graphics card around, install it and check if the fan is spinning. If so, it is likely that the graphics card you purchased is faulty and you should consider seeking a replacement.

Oil your GPU’s fan

This step is usually only applicable to old graphics cards that are not spinning at the required rpm to cool the device. If you are familiar with PC components, lubricating the GPU fan will be a piece of cake.

All you need to do is remove the fan (usually a heat sink) from the GPU, and you will find a sticker or rubber plug on the side of the fan. After removal, you can use any household machine oil or silicone-based oil to lubricate the fan.

Clean the fan

Another common reason for GPU fans not spinning is that dust will accumulate on them over time. The easiest way to clean the fan is to take a can of compressed air and blow it out. In addition, when disassembling the GPU, make sure to also take the opportunity to remove the dust on the heat sink.

Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning 2 How to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning

Test on another PC

If none of the above steps work, your PC may be malfunctioning. You can install a graphics card to see if the GPU can be tested on a normal computer. If it runs normally on the test PC, your computer may have a faulty motherboard and need to be replaced. In this case, you may need to check the best gaming motherboard on the market.

Power connector

As with every PC component, you must ensure that all components are inserted correctly. If you are not familiar with the construction of PCs, a common mistake is to forget to connect one component to another.

Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning How to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning

One of the reasons why your GPU fan cannot run is because you forgot to plug the PCIe power cable of the PSU into the GPU. The GPU requires a lot of power, so even if you don’t fully push the power connector, the fan may not be the most effective.

Hope to Fix GPU Fans Not Spinning !

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