How to fix no Wi-Fi icon in Windows 10

How to fix no Wi-Fi icon in Windows 10 – How to fix the problem that there is no Wi-Fi icon in the taskbar of a Windows laptop? If for some reason you cannot see the WiFi icon and cannot connect to any wireless network, please try all of the following methods until the problem is resolved for you.

Fix no Wi-Fi icon in taskbar of Windows

Please note that this applies to Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or any other newer versions of Windows operating systems that may exist.

Restart Windows Explorer

Because it does not display all the icons, it may need to be restarted or refreshed. Simply right-click on the taskbar and find Windows Explorer and select Restart for the Windows component to restart the laptop or open the task manager.

Turn it on or off Wi-fi

Verify that your laptop has made Wi-Fi changes to turn Wi-Fi on and off, if not, it may be the function key or F key at the top of the keyboard that can turn Wi-Fi on and off. To fail, in addition to holding down the relevant key with the Wi-Fi image, you must also hold down Fn to turn it on or off.

fix no Wi-Fi icon in Windows 10

Reinstall the wireless driver

The WiFi driver may have been adulterated, in this case you should reinstall the wireless driver. Go to the manufacturer’s site and find your exact model, then download the wireless driver and re-introduction.

WiFi icon is not hidden or turned off

The Wi-Fi icon should return, and the wireless device should start working again. You can also check the notification area settings to ensure that the WiFi icon is not hidden or turned off.

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