How to Fix Can’t Install Spotify: Error Code 18

How to Fix Can’t Install Spotify: Error Code 18, Spotify is one of the most popular applications on Windows, Mac and smartphones. It allows you to listen to music, podcasts, and keep pace with your favorite artists every day. However, the user encountered Spotify error code 18 when trying to install the desktop application.

Learn how to fix this harmful Spotify error in our article. We have compiled a tested real method to resolve Spotify error code 18 and allow you to install the application on Windows.

What causes Spotify error code 18?

Most commonly, this particular error is caused by the remaining files of other Spotify instances that previously existed on the computer. These residual files conflict with the new files you are trying to install, causing the process to fail.

In rare cases, applications or services may also interfere with Spotify’s installation process. A large number of users reported that applications such as iTunes and Comodo caused problems with the Spotify installation process.

Fortunately, solving this problem is easier than it seems. Using the methods provided by Windows 10 experts, even beginners can completely solve the error and successfully install Spotify.

Fix Can’t Install Spotify: Error Code 18

The following is how to fix Spotify error code 18. We recommend that you browse through the list and try each method first-if the problem does not seem to be resolved, please contact Spotify’s customer support service.

Terminate the Spotify process in the background

Open the Task Manager using one of the following ways: Right-click on any empty space in your taskbar. This will open up a context menu. Here, click on Task Manager. Alternatively, press the Ctrl, Alt, and Esc keys simultaneously on your keyboard.

If your Task Manager launched in the compact view, click on the More details option seen in the bottom left of the window. This will expand the window and show you the necessary taps to access startup applications.

Stay on the default Processes tab. Here, locate any instances of the Spotify application, then right-click on them and choose End task to exit.

Error Code 18

After exiting each Spotify instance, try installing the application again. If the same error code shows up, continue with the methods below.

Delete the Spotify folder in AppData

  • Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. This is going to bring up the Run utility.
  • Type in “%appdata%” and click on the OK button. This will immediately redirect you to the AppData folder in the File Explorer.
  • Locate the Spotify folder, then right-click on it and choose Delete.
  • Restart your computer and see if you can install Spotify.
Spotify Error Code 18 1 How to Fix Can’t Install Spotify: Error Code 18
  • If the method wasn’t successful, repeat the process and delete the Spotify folder in LocalAppData by typing %localappdata% instead of %appdata% in Step 2.

Exit Steam and install Spotify

In rare cases, the Steam app may prevent Spotify from installing on your device, resulting in error code 18. To resolve this issue, simply exit the Steam application until the installation is complete.

  • Open the Steam application. Please note that the application could be running in the background – in this case, the icon may be hidden in your system tray.
  • Click on Steam in the top-left corner of the application window.
Spotify Error Code 18 2 How to Fix Can’t Install Spotify: Error Code 18
  • Choose Exit from the context menu. Wait for Steam to completely exit. If you want to be sure, you can double-check if Steam is still open in the background by checking in the Task Manager.
  • Try installing Spotify again.

Boot the computer into and out of safe mode

Safe mode allows your computer to boot only with necessary Windows 10 components. In this way, you may be able to determine that the third-party application caused the Spotify error.

  • Hold the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to launch Run. Type in “MSConfig” and click the OK button.
  • Using the menu on top, switch over to the Boot tab.
  • Under Boot options, check Safe boot. Make sure to keep it on the default Minimal setting, then click the OK button.
Spotify Error Code 18 3 How to Fix Can’t Install Spotify: Error Code 18
  • Restart your computer and allow it to boot up fully in Safe mode. This will cause all third-party applications to be stopped from running.
  • Check if you’re able to install Spotify. If yes, proceed with the installation and switch back to normal boot after the program has been successfully installed onto your device.
  • Repeat the first 2 steps, but this time, you need to uncheck Safe boot. When done, click OK.
  • Restart your computer and enjoy Spotify.

Install Spotify from the Windows Apps Store

Can’t you install Spotify through the online installer? Don’t worry about another option for Windows 10 users-Windows Apps Store.

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • From the application list, scroll down and select the Microsoft Store.
  • Using the Search bar, type in the word “Spotify” If the application is available in your region, you should see it in the search results.
  • Click on the Get button, then click the Install button to install the application onto your device.

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