How to open Settings in Windows 10

How to open Settings in Windows 10 – In the “Settings” application, you can customize the detailed working methods of Windows 10. You can install the device from it, change the keyboard language, desktop wallpaper, update Windows 10 or configure its privacy settings.

To change Windows 10 settings and personalize them as needed, you need to open the “Settings” application, which replaces the old “Control Panel” known in Windows 7. There are many ways to open Settings, including some useful keyboard shortcuts.

What is the “Settings” application in Windows 10?

First, let’s briefly explain the settings on Windows 10: this app is a modern replacement for the old control panel. Both of these applications can help you configure the way Windows 10 works, but while slowly dragging back to the Control Panel, “Settings” are actively developed.

Microsoft’s purpose is to replace “Control Panel” with “Settings.” Today, the “Settings” application provides more configuration options, and has the advantage of being used with mouse and keyboard, as well as touch input on tablets and 2-in-1 devices.

Open Settings in Windows 10

In this guide we share them all, so you can always find your way to Settings in Windows 10:

Using keyboard shortcut

We are big fans of keyboard shortcuts. This is the fastest “settings” shortcut: Press Windows + I at the same time. The Settings app opens immediately.

How to open Settings in Windows 10

Open Windows 10 Settings from the Start Menu

Using the Start menu is another quick way to open Settings in Windows 10. Click or click the “Start” button, and then click the “Settings” shortcut on the left. It looks like a gear.

open settings windows 1 How to open Settings in Windows 10

Using CMD (Command Prompt) or PowerShell

If you like the command line environment, then you might like this approach: depending on your preference, it involves using the command prompt or PowerShell. Open CMD (command prompt) or start PowerShell, type: start ms-settings: and press Enter.

open settings windows 2 How to open Settings in Windows 10

Once you press Enter on your keyboard, Windows 10 immediately opens the Settings app.

Using Settings from the WinX menu

You can open the WinX menu by pressing Windows + X on the keyboard or right-clicking the “Start” button. In the displayed menu, go to “Settings”.

open settings windows 3 How to open Settings in Windows 10

Open Windows 10 Settings using Search

On the Windows 10 taskbar, use the “Search” box and enter “Settings” in it. After loading the search results, press Enter or click/tap the “Settings” result.

open settings windows 4 How to open Settings in Windows 10

Using the Run window

Another way is to use the “Run” window. To open it, press Windows + R on the keyboard, enter the command ms-settings:, and click OK or press Enter on the keyboard.

open settings windows 5 How to open Settings in Windows 10

The Settings app is opened instantly.

Open Windows 10 Settings from File Explorer

File Explorer also gives us a fast way to open the Settings app. Open File Explorer and go to This PC. Expand the Computer tab from the ribbon on top, and then click or tap Open Settings.

open settings windows 6 How to open Settings in Windows 10

Using the Action Center

Windows 10 includes a feature called “Action Center”, where you can see notifications about what’s happening on the device and quick actions you can use.

Open the “Action Center” by clicking or clicking its icon from the “Notification Area” at the right end of the taskbar, or by pressing Windows + A on the keyboard. At the bottom of the “Action Center”, you can see several actions and shortcuts. Click or tap All Settings and the “Settings” application will open.

open settings windows 7 How to open Settings in Windows 10

Hope to help you !

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