How to split-screen (dual screen) on Windows 10

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How to split screen (dual screen) on Windows 10, In this article, you will learn how to use split-screen on Windows 10. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of using dual screens. You will also learn how to divide the screen into two screens and four screens, and finally, you will learn about Snap Assist.

Split-screen (dual screen) on Windows

Split-screen is a new component on Windows 10, which will help users to split the screen vertically or horizontally. This feature allows users to view multiple files at once, or multiple parts of the same document at once.

It is used to increase productivity because it allows users to process multiple files at once without having to switch windows. It also makes it possible to run multiple applications at the same time.

It is also very possible if there is only one monitor on a PC using Windows. Both laptops and PC monitors can use this function, and the process is the same for both.

Advantages of split screen

  • The production capacity is greatly improved.
  • Designers often use multiple programs.
  • Users can open email or Twitter on one screen.
  • It is flexible and can be used with laptop computers.
  • It’s easy to use split screen function data.
  • Share among multiple applications.
  • The user can access all other data while in use.
  • Skype or any other video call service.

Disadvantages of split screen

  • It causes more interference.
  • Takes up too much space.
  • Potential lack of resources.
  • The available space on the desk is easily obstructed.

Why use split screen on Windows?

The split screen function is very useful when the user wants or needs to view certain fonts of an application while using an application, when the user wants to select certain content from one application to add it to other applications , The split screen function is also very useful. A common example is to open any video application and select the video to add to the email.

Split screen between two programs in Windows?

Select the desired program in the window next to the screen.

Double-click the title bar and drag it to the other side of the display until the mouse pointer does not touch the edge of the title bar.

Once this happens, you will see the screen flash briefly, and the indicator light will outline the outline of the window and appear on the screen. Gently release the mouse button.

split-screen (dual screen) on Windows

Now, your currently open window should be captured to the side of the screen. You will see all other open programs appear on the other side of the screen.

Click the other program you want to open to the other side of the screen. It will automatically adjust to the opposite side. So now you have two screens.

Split Screen on Windows 10 1

Split the screen between three or four windows

Click the application window you want to open, and then drag it to the upper right corner of the screen. It will be resized and set to that position.

Split Screen on Windows 10 2

Now open another application and drag it to the bottom right corner in the same way. After dragging, you will see two windows on the right, one above the other.

Split Screen on Windows 10 3

You will see all other open windows on the left side of the screen. Open another app and drag it to the upper left corner, then drag it to the fourth in the lower-left corner. Now you have 4 windows and 4 applications working at the same time.

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