Unpin the tile group from the Start menu in Windows 10

Unpin the tile group from the Start menu in Windows 10 – Windows 10 comes with a completely redesigned “Start” menu that combines the Live Tiles and classic application shortcuts introduced in Windows 8. Using the modern “Start” menu, you can arrange fixed tiles into groups and name them according to your preferences. Starting from Windows 10 build 18272, a group of tiles can be unpinned at a time.

Windows 10 installs Live Tile support for universal (store) applications on your PC. When you pin such an application to the “Start” menu, its dynamic tiles will display dynamic content, such as news, weather forecasts, images, etc.

Unpin the tile group from the Start menu

Starting with Windows 10 Build 18272, which represents the upcoming “19H1” feature update of the operating system, you can unpin a set of tiles at a time. It can really save you time when you need to remove many tiles.

Do the following:

Step 1: Open the Start menu.

Step 2: On the right, right-click on the group’s title you want to unpin.

Step 3: Select Unpin group from Start.

Unpin the tile group from the Start menu

Step 4: The group of tiles is now unpinned. All its tiles are now removed from the Start menu.

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