Search Fixing Problems in Windows 10

Search Fixing Problems in Windows 10 – The search function in Windows 10 is very useful. Not everyone remembers where files, photos, videos, documents, etc., are stored on their computers. With the search function, one can easily find items of interest. Windows 10 has also been integrated with Bing search function, so users can get the internet as well.

Search Fixing Problems in Windows 10

Search Fixing Problems in Windows 10

Many users complain of poor search functionality. Sometimes the result is only partially displayed, or there appears to be no result set at all. Here we will look at some of the most common search function problems and how to solve it.

Why Search Problems Occur?

Anyone who has done any development or programming system knows that every IT system can get complicated very easily. Most of the problems associated with Windows updates. Typically, the patch will be released in a few days to discuss the results. One should make sure their computer running the latest update if they search function does not work.

Cortana Turn On And Off

Cortana is highly integrated with Windows 10 search functions. It sometimes can cause some part of a search program to be corrupted. In this case, the best way to fix this is by turning Cortana and died. The best way to do this is to open the task manager (control + alt + delete) and manually select the program stops. This is done by finding Cortana is a list of running programs, highlight it and choose ‘end task’.

Use Windows Problems

Many do not consider this option but it is often sufficient to fix the problem. Even if it can not fix the problem, a new feature of Windows 10 allows the troubleshooter to provide a link on how this problem can be solved.

Ensure The Search Service Is Running

Programs often become disabled for various reasons. It is very likely that the search engine service person has been switched off, and this could very well cause problems search function. To do this one must open the Run window. The easiest way to do this is to press the windows key + r. When the opening run box type “services.msc” and press enter. The service window will open giving the scroll-down menu of the different processes and services. Keep it down to ‘Windows Search’ is found. Right click and select Restart.

Rebuilding the Search Indexing Options

indexer allows the computer to know where the files are stored on the PC. At the time, the location of certain files can be deleted, overwritten, or corrupted. In order to fix this problem, the index must be rebuilt.

Drag the Run window again (by pressing the Windows key + R) and type “control panel”. After the control panel window opens search for “indexing choice”. When the next window opens, click the button that says “advanced” and from there one can select the “rebuild”. Doing this will rebuild the index file PC.

Restart Your Computer

This is a classic bit of advice and for good reason. Sometimes the engine someone just needs to be restarted.

The program uses a loop to function. Sometimes a loop can be trapped, which means it has no end. This endless loop causes the program to sit still, do not perform any function. Restart the computer will cause all the programs start at the beginning, out of each endless loop.

This is not a complete list of improvements, but only the best solutions for the most common causes of faulty search function. If all else fails, one can always reinstall windows. Those who find themselves faced with this last option should be sure to back up their data before.

Hope to help you !

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