How to speed up or slow down a video easily and quickly

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How to speed up or slow down a video easily and quickly, Do you want to speed up your video for a quick short video? Or do you want to slow down the video to give viewers closer and better look at things happening? It is a very easy and quick 5-minute procedure, with the right tools. What’s even better is that it can be done with online video editing without installing an app.

Speed up or slow down a video easily

Let’s have a look:

Step 1: Open the website. Create an account on the website or log in if you have an account already. Select the “black canvas” in the middle right corner, to edit an existing video. In the ‘just do your thing section’, make sure to select the appropriate aspect ratio for the video and then click on the ‘make a video’ icon.

speed up or slow down a video easily

Step 2: When you reach the InVideo editor page, Upload your video to the editor with the ‘upload media’ option.

speed up or slow down a video easily 1

Step 3: The video will be shown in the space on the left side of the page. Drag and drop it in the center of the page to bring it to your timeline.

speed up or slow down a video easily 2

Step 4: A pop-up will appear if you want to trim the video. If you need to trim the video, do it and click on ‘done’ or just simply click on ‘use full video’ if needed, in the left bottom corner.

speed up or slow down a video easily 3

Step 5: The screen now shows a central canvas area with a space on the left side and a menu bar on the top. Select your video from the central canvas area, or the layers option in the left side space, and use the ‘speed’ option from the menu bar above.

speed up or slow down a video easily 4

Step 6: A pointer slides down from the menu bar; slide the pointer towards the right to speed up (up to 2.5x), or slide towards the left to slow down (up to 2.5x) the video.

The duration of the video will depend on the selection of your speed.

Step 7: You will now get a pop-up to inform you that the audio would be disabled as it would not be under the visual elements anymore.

speed up or slow down a video easily 5

Step 8: The editing of the video is now complete, click on the ‘download and share’ button on the top right corner of the InVideo editor page, and hit export after selecting the desired resolution for the video. The download on your system will be completed and ready to be shared on various platforms on social media.

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How to speed up or slow down a video on iOS?

For Mac, online video editing is quite simple. The iMovie app pre-installed on Macbooks enables this very efficiently. You can also airdrop the video from your iPhone to Macbook and continue to edit the video. Let’s look at it step by step:

  1. Start the iMovie app. On the top center area on the bar, click on the ‘projects’ section, then click on the box containing ‘+’. A dropdown menu will be shown, select ‘movie’.
  2. Now drag the movie into the timeline and select the video. From the list of pictorial icons, select the one with a speedometer picture.
  3. Select slow or fast speed from the speed dropdown box on the top left. There are 10%, 20%, 50%, and auto options for the speed just beside the above one. The speed will increase or decrease by respective numbers. Here, for a 0.1 second or less duration video, a custom speed option is applied.
  4. There is a turtle icon in the timeline for the slow-speed edit and a rabbit icon for the fast-speed edit. There is a speed slider on the top of the timeline in blue, which can increase or decrease the speed accordingly.
  5. The ‘preserve pitch’ option gives the option to maintain the correct pitch because increasing the speed can raise the pitch and decreasing the speed will lower the pitch. This option is just beside the speed option.
  6. Once you are finished with the speeding process, click on the ‘file’ tab and select ‘share’ from the dropdown menu. Select the file from another dropdown and you can choose the location to save the file on Mac.

How to control speed on Windows?

  1. Go to the menu and search for the video editor. Open the app.
  2. Select the “New Video Project” icon and name your project if you wish to and then, click “Go” or just click the “Skip” button if you do not wish to write a name.
  3. Import your video into the editor with the ‘+Add’ button. Once it is added, drag the video to the storyboard to edit or select the option of adding to the storyboard.
  4. There are many symbol icons on the above tab. Choose the speed option.
  5. There will be a pop-up on the screen where you can slide the pointer to the left to speed down or slide the pointer to the right to speed up the video which is up to 1x.
  6. Once completed, click ‘finish’ in the upper right corner.
  7. Export the video after selecting the desired resolution for the video.

For iPhone

You can install the iMovie app, and open the projects section, select the video, and tap on ‘create movie’. Take the video to the timeline and tap on the speed icon. Again you will see a tortoise and a rabbit similar to the above MacBook instructions and you can select the speed accordingly. Tap ‘done’ and save the edited video.

For Android

Launch the app and select the video to be edited. Drag the slider left or right to maintain the speed. Mute the audio so that there’s no nuisance in the video. Tap ‘done’ and save the edited video. Select the ‘share’ option to share on social media.

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These are some simple, easy to perform, and really quick steps to control the speed of your video. You can make a slo-mo or a hyper-lapse with the same method, which is in trend nowadays. Slowing down a video helps to better understand the content while pacing up the video will help to reduce the time of a much longer video. This can be done with a simple online editing website or with an app for different operating systems.

BLURB – Speeding up or slowing down videos for dummies.

What do we call it when we speed up or slow down a video?

It is called fast-motion or a slow-motion video respectively.

Which software is used by professionals?

InVideo is among the best video editors for beginners as well as professionals.

Is video editing expensive?

There are some payable and free editors available online. You can select what suits you best.

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