Download the best PC cleaning software CCleaner

Download the best PC cleaning software CCleaner – CCleaner for Windows is a free PC optimizer that frees up space on your computer by deleting unnecessary files (such as cookies, unused data and temporary files). The Piriform program will periodically check and find those factors that will reduce the computer performance.

Download the best PC cleaning software CCleaner

What is the CCleaner application?

CCleaner is used to clean and optimize the PC’s operating system. With CCleaner, we can clean the PC thoroughly in a simple way, which will allow us to gain hard disk space and prevent the PC from slowing down. It is one of those free tools on PC, and it works very well when deleting temporary files.

CCleaner is a free and open source program that can be downloaded to various devices and is developed by Piriform Ltd, a private software company located in London, England. Its release date is September 23, 2003. Over the years, it has undergone several updates and version updates on three available platforms: Windows, MacOS and Android.

By downloading CCleaner, the software allows to clear different files and optimize the operating system. In addition, it can uninstall multiple programs from the interface and prohibit certain applications from executing when the system starts.

The benefits that the device obtains from downloading CCleaner are increased boot speed, reduced system load and free up wasted disk space. Moreover, access becomes faster.

What are the benefits of downloading CCleaner?

More specifically, the useful tasks performed by CCleaner are as follows:

  • Delete unnecessary files
  • Delete temporary files and other data
  • Free up hard drive space
  • Disable programs that start linking with system boot
  • Eliminate application waste
  • Delete browsing history
  • Clean up the registry
  • Identify duplicate files
  • Correct the error that caused the problem

In short, a series of cleaning options can free up hard drive space, provide stability to the PC, reduce errors during the use of the device and ensure navigation. At the same time, repairing the registry can eliminate outdated data, thereby repairing the area, which is essential for the operation of the computer.

Faster navigation

Download CCleaner to speed up information search in Firefox, Google Chrome or any other browser. When using the Internet, computers or devices collect a lot of unnecessary files, such as cookies. Currently, these contents can be modified according to user preferences and privacy policies.

In addition, when running other programs, temporary files and other settings will be saved. By downloading CCleaner, you can delete all these useless files and browsing history. As a result, the space on the hard disk is freed, allowing the system to run faster. By focusing only on folders with relatively unimportant files, there is less risk of losing valuable files.

Since the application is started, it is possible to identify and select all unused programs that were activated when the computer was started. This can speed up the device startup speed.

Reduce the risk of errors

An error message or screen lock indicates that you need to download CCleaner or such tools. This is due to file corruption or obsolescence. This free application includes a registry cleaner, which can identify and repair these errors.

Another advantage is that the application itself will inform you how much you need to back up to avoid loss.

Improved navigation safety

Although the laws and new regulations regarding data privacy terms and policies have changed, not all websites offer the convenience of disabling cookies. Downloading CCleaner will delete stored data such as passwords, search history and cached data. This reduces the possibility of identity theft or online fraud.

Customizable cleaning

When downloading CCleaner, users can choose to customize its cleaning options to suit their needs. For those with limited computer knowledge, the application provides some default settings. For more advanced users, the degree of choice can be more comprehensive, and even the type of cookie can be specified.

What other versions can be used when downloading CCleaner

In addition to downloading the traditional version of CCleaner, Piriform Ltd has also developed two other modes, namely CCleaner browser, CCleaner Cloud and other versions such as Professional, Business or Technician.

CCleaner browser

According to Piriform’s description, CCleaner browser is a highly secure browser that protects users’ personal data and allows you to hide your digital footprint. However, Avast recently purchased this application, so the tool has become Avast Secure Browser, but uses the CCleaner icon.

CCleaner Cloud

CCleaner Cloud is an alternative to downloading CCleaner in the traditional version. This is an online platform hosted in the cloud that allows you to clean up and optimize your computer from there. The advantage is that it is free, runable, and does not need to be in front of the computer to connect the PC to the Piriform server.

For those who wish to choose advanced options, a paid version can be obtained through subscription.

CCleaner rating

Since its launch, apart from 2 million downloads, there is no need to say more. Although it is a free application, its features do not necessarily match the features of paid competitors or offer advanced options.

In short, it is a tool with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which allows users to enjoy all its advantages. Piriform is also updated frequently, so it will continue to improve its functionality in the future.

Download the best PC cleaning

Now! Download CCleaner here!

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