How do computers, bloggers affect my life?

How do computers, bloggers affect my life? I was 15 years old when I was still sitting in school, I was quite strange with the concept of a computer. At that time, I had to search for information by myself, tinker with it to find out what a computer is?

It was also fortunate that until high school I had access to computers, since then I have had a passion for it, and I started to learn about it.

and also since then I spent more time learning more computers and lasted until I finished college. after I graduated from school I had a solid background in computers. I can repair computers, install computers… and I can create a Web site to share computer knowledge.

Computers, bloggers affect my life?

It can be said that computers have influenced me a lot, even from someone who doesn’t know anything about computers until now, I have been able to share quite unique knowledge about computers with everyone. Did you know that from someone who knows nothing about computers and now I can share with readers it is a process of learning, training, and so many difficulties?

Not only knowing the computer, but I can also write about it and share it with everyone, and now I am a personal blogger with the knowledge that is widely accepted and recognized. Although I am not good at it, I have the ability to find out the necessary information and share it with everyone.

As a blogger who specializes in sharing computer knowledge, I understand how important computers are in my life? it can feed my whole family from the knowledge that I share.

You will get what you deserve no matter where you work. You give 1 you get 10 back, that’s the rule. Knowledge will help you make money if you have the right direction and the right purpose.

How do computers, bloggers affect my life?
How do computers, bloggers affect my life?

If you are a blogger, then generating income on the Internet is never-ending? there are many forms that can generate income for you such as you sell knowledge to make money, you can do affiliate marketing, you can sell products, you can do Freelance … and to do For these jobs, a computer is the first condition you must have.

For me, I am like everyone else, I also earn many sources of income with different forms.

Currently, I am making money with the following forms:

  • Make money with Google Adsense
  • Make money with affiliate marketing
  • Earn money by reviewing products
  • Earn money by receiving ads of brands…

And there are a few other forms…

Although the source of income is not much, it is enough to maintain my current life, and I will try harder to achieve the desired income.

I want to say that in the future technology will still develop and computers are no exception, right now you choose a career to be able to support yourself later? and Blogger career is one of the professions you should favor because this profession, wherever you are, you can live and make money from it.

bloggers affect my life 1 How do computers, bloggers affect my life?
Write blogger!

In the future, I will invest more skills and experience to keep up with the development of computer technology as well as to adapt to bloggers, I know that only studying and researching can bring a lot of valuable knowledge for yourself and from there can create a passive source of income in any situation.

Right now I don’t believe I’m a big influencer but I believe I’m helping a lot of people from my knowledge? And if you want to be an influencer the first thing you need to do is master your skills and strengths, did you know that Amanda LaCount is a well-known hip-hop dancer, actress, and choreographer but she created it? To have a great influence on the community, and to achieve those effects, in addition to your efforts, you also need to invest, calculate the budget so that it is reasonable and most effective.

I’m Nguyen Huu Thuan, I’m a blogger specializing in computer knowledge, I have 10 years of experience in computer knowledge, I am confident that I can share computer knowledge with readers in an authentic way authentic and self-righteous. With a bachelor’s degree in information technology, I have been teaching in high school for 5 years, I have worked in technology for 5 years, and I have been blogging for myself for more than 5 years, which is well received by many people.

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