How to Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922

How to Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922, Some Windows 10 users face trouble when trying to update their Windows 10 devices. According to them, Windows 10 update is stalling and displaying error codes on their computers.

If you are in the same situation, don’t worry. In this article, we will discuss “Windows Update error code: 0x800f0922”.

Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922

The main reason for this error is the lack of some key dot net functions on the computer. However, before proceeding with more complex solutions, we recommend trying these simpler solutions to solve this problem.

1. Restart the computer. Sometimes Windows Update needs to be restarted to complete the update process. Check if the device can be updated without problems.

2. Check whether the Internet connection on the computer is normal. Disconnect the Internet from the computer. Wait a few minutes. Then connect the internet to your computer. Now, check if Windows Update still encounters errors.

If none of these solutions can solve the problem on your computer, please seek the following fix.

Enable .NET framework

If Update error 0x800F0922 still affects performance, please make sure to disable the .Net framework function on your PC.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Firstly, press Win and R to launch the Run dialog.
  • Subsequently, in the search area, type control panel and hit OK to start this Desktop app.
  • Thereupon, select Programs and Features section followed by Turn Windows Features on or off from the left pane.

Note: If you are unable to see this option, select Small icons under the “View by” section.

Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922
  • Next, activate the .Net framework checkbox on the Windows features page then hit the OK button.
  • At last, Reboot your PC so as to save the changes made so far.

Turn off Windows Defender Firewall

The firewall is a security tool that can be used for all Windows 10 devices for free. Their job is to protect the system from malicious attacks. But sometimes, it may block genuine files, resulting in update error 0x800f0922.

Therefore, the best option here is to temporarily disable the Windows Defender Firewall in the system. This is the correct guideline:

  • Hit the Search icon and type Control Panel, click on the well-matching result to begin this app.
  • Under System and Security category, select the Windows Defender Firewall option.
  • Now, go to the left pane and hit Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off.
  • Here, mark the radio button Turn Windows Firewall on or off under both private as well as public sections.
  • Hit OK to save this configuration thereafter close the current window.
Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922 5 How to Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922

Once you complete the above steps, you may now update your computer without receiving any interrupting error 0x800f0922.

Note: There is no need to enable the Windows Firewall manually. As soon as the PC restarts, the Firewall will get enabled by itself.

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

Normally, the Windows Update Troubleshooter will detect and manage all potential causes that prevent the repair process.

This task is very simple, just perform the following simple steps:

  • At first, launch the Settings app using Win+I hotkey.
  • Next, select Update & Security followed by Troubleshoot from the left pane.
  • Switch to the right-hand side and scroll down to locate Windows Update, once found hit the same.
  • Here, tap Run the troubleshooter button to begin the detecting and troubleshooting process.
  • Once over, Restart your computer and install the LCU again.
Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922 1 How to Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922

Config trusted installer

If the above solutions cannot resolve Update error 0x800f0922, please execute the following code in the command prompt:

  • Type cmd in the Search box and right-click on the appeared Command Prompt option.
  • Using the context menu, select Run as administrator option.
  • The confirmation dialog will appear instantly, tap Yes to proceed.
  • On the elevated command prompt, type the following command line and hit the Enter key: SC config trustedinstaller start=auto
  • Succeeding after, Restart your computer.
  • After the next login, navigate to Settings > Update & security and download the awaiting updates.
Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922 4 How to Fix Windows Update Error code 0x800f0922

Run SFC and DISM Commands

  • Search cmd in windows 10 search box.
  • Right click and run as administrator to open Command prompt as admin.
  • Run the commands given below one by one to fix the issue.

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth


Close the cmd window and try again.

Hope to help you !

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