How to Resolve Cellular Data Issues on Your iPhone

If you’re experiencing problems with your iPhone’s cellular data not working correctly, don’t worry; we’ll guide you through the steps to address the issue and enhance your cellular data connectivity.

iPhone Cellular Data Problems

When you’re away from a Wi-Fi network, you rely on cellular data to stay connected to the internet. So, when your iPhone’s cellular data isn’t functioning correctly or if it’s persistently disconnecting from the cellular network, it can be a frustrating experience.

In most cases, cellular data issues on the iPhone are associated with network connectivity problems and carrier-supported features such as Wi-Fi calling and Wi-Fi Assist. Here’s how you can resolve these issues:

Check Service Coverage

If your iPhone displays a “Network Not Available” error message while you’re on the move, this issue may be related to your service provider’s network not being available in that particular area. In this situation, the best course of action is to relocate to an area covered by your service provider’s network.

Verify Network Strength

Take a glance at the top-left corner of your iPhone’s screen to ensure that it shows a strong network signal. If the reception is weak, try moving to a different location to see if it improves. If not, you may need to wait for the reception to get better.

image 21 How to Resolve Cellular Data Issues on Your iPhone

Toggle Cellular Data Off and On

Disabling and re-enabling cellular data can often resolve connectivity issues. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular.
  • Turn the toggle next to Cellular Data to the OFF position.
  • Wait for about 10 seconds, then turn on Cellular Data by moving the toggle to the ON position.
Resolve Cellular Data Issues

Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

Enabling and disabling Airplane Mode can help refresh the cellular network and reset your device’s wireless antennas:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Enable Airplane Mode by moving the toggle to the ON position.
  • Wait for 10 seconds and then disable Airplane Mode by moving the toggle to the OFF position.
image 23 How to Resolve Cellular Data Issues on Your iPhone

Disable VPN

If you use a VPN service, try disabling it to see if it helps you connect to the cellular network:

  • Go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management > VPN.
  • Turn off the VPN by moving the toggle next to Status to the OFF position.
  • After disabling the VPN, check if you can access the internet using cellular data.
Resolve Cellular Data Issues

Turn Off Wi-Fi Calling

Sometimes, the issue may be due to your iPhone automatically switching from cellular to Wi-Fi due to the Wi-Fi calling feature:

  • Go to Settings > Phone.
  • Disable Wi-Fi Calling by moving the toggle to the OFF position.
Resolve Cellular Data Issues

Deactivate Wi-Fi Assist

Another feature that can cause your iPhone to switch from cellular to Wi-Fi is Wi-Fi Assist:

  • Go to Settings > Cellular.
  • Deactivate Wi-Fi Assist by moving the toggle to the OFF position.
image 26 How to Resolve Cellular Data Issues on Your iPhone

Ensure Cellular Data Isn’t Restricted

It’s possible that you’ve previously restricted access to cellular data on your device and forgotten about it. Here’s how to check:

  • Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Cellular Data Changes.
  • Select the Allow option if it’s not already selected. You may need to enter your Screen Time password.
Resolve Cellular Data Issues

Reinsert SIM Card

Refreshing the network connection by removing and reinserting the SIM card can also help:

  • Remove the SIM card from your iPhone.
  • Wait for about 15 seconds, then reinsert the SIM card.

Install Carrier Updates

If the issue persists, try installing carrier updates:

  • Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to Settings > General > About > Network.
  • On the next screen, tap on the Update option to install carrier updates (if available).
Resolve Cellular Data Issues

Following these steps should help you resolve your iPhone’s cellular data issues and improve your connectivity.

Why might my iPhone’s cellular data not be working properly?

There can be various reasons for iPhone cellular data issues, such as network problems, carrier-related features, and settings. These issues can result in cellular data not working or frequently disconnecting.

How can I check if my service provider’s network covers my current location?

If your iPhone displays a “Network Not Available” error message while traveling, it may indicate that your service provider’s network is unavailable in that area. To address this, you may need to move to an area with network coverage.

What should I do if my iPhone shows a weak network signal?

If your iPhone’s signal reception is poor, try moving to a different location to see if the signal improves. If not, you may need to wait for better reception.

Is toggling cellular data off and on a reliable way to fix data connectivity issues?

Yes, toggling cellular data off and on can often resolve data connectivity problems by refreshing the network connection. It’s a simple yet effective troubleshooting step.

What does enabling and disabling Airplane Mode do for cellular data?

Enabling and disabling Airplane Mode helps refresh the cellular network and reset the wireless antennas on your device, which can address connectivity issues.

How does a VPN affect my iPhone’s cellular data?

Using a VPN service can sometimes affect your ability to connect to the cellular network. Disabling the VPN can help you determine if it’s the cause of the problem.

Why might Wi-Fi Calling or Wi-Fi Assist impact my cellular data?

Wi-Fi Calling and Wi-Fi Assist can automatically switch your iPhone from cellular to Wi-Fi networks, which can lead to connectivity issues. Disabling these features can help maintain your connection to the cellular network.

What are Content & Privacy Restrictions, and why should I check them regarding cellular data?

Content and privacy Restrictions allow you to control various aspects of your device, including access to cellular data. Checking these settings ensures that you haven’t restricted cellular data access unintentionally.

How does reinserting the SIM card help with cellular data issues?

Reinserting the SIM card can refresh the network connection by reconnecting your iPhone to the carrier’s network, potentially resolving cellular data problems.

What are carrier updates, and why should I install them?

Carrier updates are software updates provided by your carrier to enhance network performance and address issues. Installing these updates can help improve your iPhone’s cellular data connectivity.

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