Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Envato Elements, a comprehensive stock media platform, offers a unified licensing experience for diverse digital assets, catering to creators ranging from filmmakers to graphic designers. In this review, we explore the platform’s strengths in stock media quality, pricing, features, and website usability.

Unveiling Envato Elements

  • The Genesis of a Creative Powerhouse: Envato Elements emerged from the foundation laid by Envato in Melbourne in 2006. As a part of the expansive Envato Market, which includes popular platforms like VideoHive, PhotoDune, AudioJungle, and GraphicRiver, it provides a consolidated hub for individual asset purchases.
  • A Bounty of Creative Assets: With a colossal repository boasting over 11 million assets, Envato Elements stands out as a powerhouse for creators seeking high-quality stock videos, templates, music, and sound effects. This wealth of resources comes at the convenience of a single monthly subscription fee.
  • Global Community Support: Envato Elements operates on a model that supports a global community of independent creators. Every download contributes to the earnings of the original authors, fostering a sense of collaboration and mutual support.
image 98 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Exploring Envato Elements Offerings

A Versatile Palette for Filmmakers

Stock Video Selection: With an extensive library of 3.5 million high-quality video clips, Envato Elements simplifies the search process through user-friendly filters and dropdown menus, enabling creators to find the perfect clip efficiently.

Editable Video Templates: For time-strapped creators, Envato Elements offers a diverse collection of 66,000 editable video templates. These templates, searchable by various criteria, provide a shortcut to achieving a professional look without starting from scratch.

image 95 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Musical Ambiance: Recognizing the importance of quality music, Envato Elements presents a selection of 139,000 tracks spanning genres. The platform allows users to search by genre, mood, length, tempo, and instrument, ensuring the perfect soundtrack for any project.

image 96 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Rich Sound Effects Library: Boasting 609,000 royalty-free sound effects, Envato Elements covers the auditory spectrum, offering everything from footsteps to futuristic and cartoony sounds. This extensive collection enhances storytelling in videos and gaming apps.

image 97 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Navigating Envato Elements

A Seamless User Experience

  • User-Friendly Workflow: Envato Elements prioritizes ease of use. The onboarding process, from subscription selection to account verification, is straightforward. Users can quickly dive into the main menu to access stock videos, templates, music, or sound effects.
  • Efficient Filter Menus: Designed for efficiency, the site features filter menus, including Popular and Trending options, streamlining the search process for creators seeking specific content.

Envato Elements Features

Beyond Assets – A Holistic Approach

  • How-To Tutorials: Envato Elements goes beyond offering assets by providing envatotuts+, a platform offering step-by-step tutorials with videos. This one-stop shop serves as a valuable resource for creators looking to enhance their skills.
  • Unlimited Downloads: Creators enjoy unlimited downloads on Envato Elements, offering unprecedented access to a vast library of over 11 million assets at an affordable price.
  • Ease of Use: The site’s design focuses on quick and easy navigation through filter menus, Popular options, and Trending features, ensuring creators find what they need promptly.
  • Simple Licensing: Envato Elements simplifies licensing with a global license covering every project worldwide. This straightforward approach allows creators to focus on the creative process without legal complications.
  • Gói truyền thông xã hội : Envato Elements bao gồm các gói mẫu truyền thông xã hội, đơn giản hóa việc chỉnh sửa các mẫu Câu chuyện và Bài đăng, đồng thời cung cấp cho người sáng tạo nhiều chủ đề khác nhau để làm nổi bật nội dung của họ.

Envato Elements Workflow

As mentioned, Envato Elements is designed to be as easy and user-friendly as possible.

Here are a few quick steps to get started:

  • Click on the link at the top and go to the Envato Elements pricing page.
  • Select a subscription plan and click on the button at the bottom that says “Start now”
  • Fill in your Name, Email Username, and Password
  • Fill in your Billing Information
  • You will be sent an email to verify the account
  • Sign in with your username and password. That’s it, you’re ready to get started.
  • Choose from the main menu e.g. Stock Video, Video Templates, Music, or Sound Effects.
  • Use the filters to find exactly what you want
  • Download and drop it straight into your project!

Pricing for Every Creator

Affordable Options with Inclusive Licensing

  • Monthly or Annual Subscriptions: Envato Elements offers straightforward pricing options, allowing users to choose between monthly or annual subscriptions. Importantly, all subscription plans provide the freedom to cancel at any time.
  • Licensing Assurance: As an Envato subscriber, users can download and use anything on the site for personal or commercial purposes under a single license. While assets are licensed on a project-to-project basis, creators can reuse assets by registering them for different projects.
  • Copyright Clarity: The licensing provided by Envato Elements is sufficient to clear copyright claims, offering peace of mind for creators using the platform’s music on platforms like YouTube.

Is Envato Elements Worth It?

A Creator’s Haven

  • A Resounding Yes! Envato Elements emerges as an invaluable platform for content creators. With user-friendly navigation, a risk-free entry option, and unlimited downloads of high-quality content, it presents a compelling case for creators seeking an affordable and comprehensive solution.
  • Affordable Investment: In contrast to past stock media sites charging exorbitant fees, Envato Elements offers an annual plan for less than $140, providing creators with a cost-effective investment for those monetizing video content.

Further Exploration of Envato Elements

Diving Deeper into Envato Elements Features

  • How-To Tutorials for Creative Empowerment: In addition to its vast library of assets, Envato Elements distinguishes itself by offering How-To tutorials through envatotuts+. These tutorials provide creators with step-by-step instructions and videos, empowering them to enhance their skills and create impactful effects independently. It truly serves as a one-stop shop for both resources and education.
  • High-Quality Stock Media Ecosystem: Envato Elements curates a comprehensive ecosystem of hand-picked assets by creative professionals. This encompasses stock videos, motion graphic templates, music tracks, sound effects, photos, graphics, fonts, and more. This all-in-one content solution is a testament to Envato Elements’ commitment to providing creators with a diverse and top-tier collection of resources.:
  • Unlimited Downloads for Creative Freedom: The unlimited download feature on Envato Elements is a game-changer for creators. Never before has there been such accessible content of this quality at such an affordable price. With over 11 million assets available for download, creators can explore, experiment, and elevate their projects without constraints.
  • Ease of Use for Seamless Navigation: Envato Elements places a premium on user experience. The site’s design, including intuitive filter menus, Popular options, and Trending features, ensures that creators can efficiently locate what they need. This emphasis on simplicity streamlines the creative process, allowing users to focus on bringing their visions to life.
  • Simple Licensing for Peace of Mind: The global license provided by Envato Elements covers projects worldwide, offering peace of mind to creators. This simplicity in licensing ensures that users can confidently utilize downloaded assets for personal or commercial projects without navigating complex legal considerations. The straightforward approach aligns with Envato Elements’ commitment to making the creative journey as smooth as possible.
  • Social Media Packages for Enhanced Visibility: Envato Elements goes a step further by offering social media template packages. These templates simplify the process of editing Story and Post templates, providing creators with an array of themes to choose from. This feature is particularly valuable for those looking to make their content stand out in the dynamic landscape of social media.

Envato Elements Workflow: Enhancing Your Edit with Ease

In this segment, we’ll guide you through the simple process of incorporating captivating effects into your video edit. Let’s take a scenario where you want to add a stylish film burn transition to a mesmerizing car drifting shot in the night. Follow this step-by-step workflow:

Navigate to the Stock Video Section

  • Head to the top menu and select the Stock Video section.
  • Utilize the search function with the keyword ‘Car Drifting.’
  • Find a suitable clip and initiate the download process.

Specify Your Project

  • Envato Elements will prompt you to specify the project for which you intend to use the downloaded asset.
  • Click on “Add to Project & Download” and save the video clip to your computer. This action licenses you to use the asset exclusively in the specified project.

Retrieve the Film Burn Clip

  • Return to the Stock Video section.
  • Conduct a search using the term ‘Film burn.’
  • Similar to the previous step, add the desired film burn clip to your project and download it to your computer.
image 91 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Import Clips into Your Video Editing Program

  • Choose the video editing program of your preference (for this example, we’ll use Premiere Pro).
  • Import both the car drifting and film burn clips into your editing workspace.
image 92 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Layering the Film Burn Effect

  • In your editing program, place the film burn video on top of the car drifting clip in the timeline.
  • Ensure the Film Burn layer is selected, and in the Effect Controls, choose ‘Overlay’ in the Blend Mode options. This choice allows the flares to seamlessly reveal your underlying shot.
image 93 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Fine-Tuning for Perfect Timing:

  • Play back the video and make adjustments to the timing of the top layer (Film Burn) until it aligns perfectly with your vision.
image 94 Envato Elements Review: Unlocking the Potential of Stock Media

Explore Advanced Sound Design

  • To elevate your project further, consider enhancing the audio experience.
  • Navigate to the Sound Effects section from the top menu and search for “screeching tires.”
  • Download the audio clip and seamlessly integrate it into your timeline for a professional sound design touch.

By following these straightforward steps, you can effortlessly infuse your video project with dynamic effects, creating a visually and aurally engaging experience for your audience. The flexibility and creative options provided by Envato Elements make it a go-to platform for elevating your editing prowess.

Envato Elements Pricing: Affordable and Flexible

  • Transparent Subscription Options: Envato Elements maintains a transparent and flexible pricing structure. Creators can opt for either a monthly or annual subscription, both of which provide inclusive access to the platform’s vast library of assets. The freedom to cancel at any time ensures that users have control over their subscription commitment.
  • Licensing Clarity for User Confidence: The licensing model adopted by Envato Elements is user-friendly and clear. Subscribers can download and use any asset for personal or commercial purposes under a single license. While assets are project-specific, the ease of registering them for different projects ensures flexibility without compromising legal compliance.
  • Copyright Assurance for Uninterrupted Creativity: Envato Elements acknowledges the challenges creators may face regarding copyright issues, especially on platforms like YouTube. The platform’s licensing is structured to provide sufficient coverage, ensuring that users can confidently use music without encountering copyright notices. This assurance contributes to a seamless and uninterrupted creative process.

Is Envato Elements Worth It? A Definitive Yes!

  • Navigating the Changing Landscape of Stock Media: In summary, Envato Elements emerges as a valuable ally for content creators in today’s dynamic digital landscape. The combination of user-friendly navigation, a risk-free entry option, and unlimited downloads of high-quality content positions it as a go-to platform for those seeking a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.
  • Affordable Investment for Content Monetization: The affordability of Envato Elements, particularly when compared to the pricing models of traditional stock media sites, makes it a strategic investment for content creators looking to monetize their video content. The annual plan, priced at less than $140, represents a significant cost-saving opportunity without compromising on quality.
  • Empowering Content Creators: In the current era, where the demand for engaging and professional content is at its peak, Envato Elements stands as a facilitator for content creators. Whether you are a filmmaker, editor, or graphic designer, the platform provides the tools, resources, and support needed to turn creative visions into reality.
  • Embracing a Great Time for Content Creation: With the democratization of access to high-quality content through Envato Elements, content creators are indeed in a great era. The platform’s inclusive approach, seamless workflow, and commitment to user satisfaction make it an indispensable resource for those striving to make impactful and visually stunning creations.

Is Envato Elements suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Envato Elements is designed with user-friendliness in mind. The intuitive interface, comprehensive tutorials, and diverse assets make it an ideal platform for beginners eager to explore and enhance their creative projects.

Can I use Envato Elements for commercial projects?

Yes, Envato Elements’ licensing model allows for both personal and commercial use under a single license. This flexibility is advantageous for creators working on various projects with different purposes.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your Envato Elements subscription, you can no longer access new items from the platform. However, any assets you’ve previously downloaded and registered for a project remain usable in that specific project, ensuring continuity for your existing work.

Does Envato Elements offer refunds?

Envato Elements has a no-refund policy. However, the platform’s transparent subscription structure, which allows you to cancel at any time, provides users with control over their commitment.

Can I collaborate with others using my Envato Elements subscription?

No, Envato Elements subscriptions are for individual use only. Each subscriber is required to have their own subscription, and assets downloaded from the platform should not be shared with non-subscribers.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Creativity with Envato Elements

In conclusion, Envato Elements emerges as more than just a stock media platform; it’s a creative ecosystem that empowers content creators of all levels. From filmmakers seeking the perfect shot to graphic designers adding the finishing touch, Envato Elements provides the tools and resources needed to transform ideas into compelling visuals and soundscapes.

The platform’s commitment to simplicity, affordability, and quality positions it as a catalyst for the democratization of content creation. In an era where the demand for captivating digital content is at its peak, Envato Elements stands as a beacon for creators, offering a wealth of possibilities without compromising on accessibility.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your creative journey, Envato Elements opens the doors to a world where creativity knows no bounds. Take the leap, explore the vast library, and let your imagination run wild with Envato Elements!

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